Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ding Donger

Maybe these photos are not the best, but they are the only ones I have right now for the Ding-Donger that my Dad made. He made one for each of us kids and mine has yet to be put up at our new house. New house, we have been here 2 years now, so I guess it is still new.

When I get it out of the box in my garage storage, I will have Pilot or Hubby get it up! It is noisy though, unless it is modified like this one at my mom and dad's house. We will need a very strong holder for it, first it is heavy and second the winds here really can blow and I need it to be securely secured!

I want to say, I am hoping it is true, that my dad crafted these metal pieces out of some of the same material that he used when they were building the Rite-Way Cement Trucks that my grandfather invented. That would be so cool to have the same material. However, I know that my dad used the same skills and machinery to make these as he did when he both made and oversaw the trucks being built.

Thanks dad for such a wonderful present. Yes it is another thanks for this great gift and I know you have heard my thanks for it for over 26 years now, but I am still thankful for it!


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