Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More About Me

OK, since I have put that photo of me with Alli Aligator on my Blog, I am grossly reminded that I do not want to have gray hair ever again. I was growing it out to find my natural color so that I could choose a more blending hair color, but whoa! that photo is almost too 'precious' to share with everyone. It should be in my most secret file cabinet for only my children and parents to see. Ya know the unconditional love stuff.......

But then, I have decided that I do like myself and my gray hair does not define me so I will leave it there, because I love the photo showing how I happily held Alli. It reminds me that I happily wanted to bring her home with me.

A couple of weeks ago, I 'spured-of-the-momently' colored my hair and used what I had in my cupboard. I was going to do dark on bottom and lighter on top, but because it was spontanteously done, I forgot and mixed both colors together. The color is fine, but now I have to wait to do something 'radical'. Yes a small difference between top and bottom is radical for me. I am a no makeup, natural hair kind-of gal.

I know I feel better when my hair is colored, so I guess I will try to stay on top of that chore from now on. My DD Angel is old enough to help me and maybe together we can get mom's crowning glory to be fun and a little funky! (in a conservative form of do)

Look to the left (now above) and see me and Alli! At first I was going to name it Al - I do think of alligators as guys/ masculine. But with some effort, I have trained myself to think of this cutie as a little girl and want her to be a her. Alas, I don't have gators here in Utah and I am clueless on how to tell their gender. So I am calling it a her. And I am rambling on, just for the fun of it. See ya soon!


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