Sunday, March 1, 2009

How Can it be Sunday Again?

It seems like just yesterday was Sunday! Time goes so fast sometimes.

Today in church we have what we call Testimony meeting. This meeting is once a month and gives people a chance to tell you how they feel about the gospel of Jesus Christ. They often tell of a spiritual experience they recently had and how God played a part in it. It is a wonderful meeting most of the time. You almost always feel the Lord's spirit there.

I love it how in the LDS church we have many sharers. I mean that each week we have different speakers and even though most of the topics are assigned to them, it is great to hear each person bring his/her own experiences to the pulpit with support of the scriptures and their own style of teaching.

I am grateful that I have the knowledge that my Heavenly Father loves me and is there for me. I know that times get tough sometimes and I feel alone, but I do know that he is always concerned for me and wants me to succeed and have the best earth life I can.

Well go to go. Love to all.


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