Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Old Post from 3-3-09 that was saved in draft and not posted! So Here it is:

Pilot was having a bit of trouble with his cast, some of the material was lifting up and there were a lot of very rough places. He was also having pain with the dry skin and the area around his scar and stitches catching on the soft material of the cast padding. So Friday, the office said to come back in and they would fix him up.

Now this is what he looks like. What you can't see his new cast? Well of course you can't 'cuz it is camouflaged. Cool right?! Now the only problem he has is that the hard cast material is rubbing on his thumb tendon and causes him occasional pain. I think he can put up with that for a week in a half.

He is doing well and can't wait to get the hard cast off. I am sure it is because he wants to stare at his scar.

**This photo shows him getting his cast removed. It is the only photo of the camo cast I could find. Also It has some colorful markerings on it making it a rainbow camo cast. I know he is so glad to have the cast off.


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