Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Aloha Friday # 4 - March 20


My sisters, my parents and myself went to a beautiful place called Cascade Springs in the Wasatch Mountains in Utah. 
Walking down the trail, we came upon this tree with a most unusual knot.  Both my mom and myself stopped to admire it.  

It is things like this in nature that get my attention.  I see beauty in lots of places.

I consider it 'stopping to smell the roses'.  This is a good thing, but I sometimes forget to 'stop and smell the roses' around me at home and in my own little family.


My question this week is:

Do you take the time to 'stop and smell the Roses' of your life?


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  1. This is a fantastic tree. How lucky to come across it during your walk! It's very unusual and beautiful.