Friday, March 13, 2009

Aloha Friday Answers I placed on my Blogger Friends Posts

The following were some of my answers to some of the Aloha Friday Blogs I visited. I decided to bring some of my answers here. Maybe they will be important to my posterity someday.

These are not in the order I visited but in the order I copied them over. I love all my Blogger friends and I hope that this is received well.


Sarah asked:

Q: Have you ever used Target or Publix brand diapers? Thumbs up or thumbs down??

A: Honestly it has been so long (10yrs and my detail memory does not go back that far- LOL) that I am not sure what we used. We might have got diapers at Sam's Club.

What I suggest is that you try to get a couple of samples from friends and/or the company before you buy a large package and try them.

But if you get some diapers you don't like, they can be recycled. They are really great for mopping up large spills, like the gallon milk carton that ends up on the kitchen floor or the orange juice bottle that little tykes try to pour and your table and floor are drenched in sticky liquids. Or toilet/tub large splashings or overflows.

My favorite is using them for gardening. The crystals that absorb the liquid can be put in the soil of your garden to help keep the soil hydrated.

Seems like I should do a listing of 'Other Uses for Disposable Diapers"!! I'll send you a link if I do.


Blueviolet asked:

Q: Do you subscribe to any magazines?

A: We get Readers Digest and All You. which I really do not care about. I think we got them via a school fundraiser thing.

However, I get The Family Handyman Magazine. It is my favorite and I have to be the first one to read it!

I am very possessive of this magazine and get really mad if someone moves it and I can't find it. Silly me. LOL......

For most everything else, I look up things online. Less paper and mess.


added 3-14-09
--------- I came downstairs to my computer this morning and surprise! my Handyman magazine was on my chair waiting for me. It doesn't look as though it has been opened!! My Hubby picked up the mail about 2am on his way home from work. So I doubt that anyone has had a chance to sneak any peeks!!!

Now how am I supposed to concentrate on anything else today?? I get to help with making the wedding flowers for my nieces' upcoming wedding. And it is Saturday, the day we get ready for Sunday. How oh how will I be able to do anything but read my favorite magazine??????

Janet's Question:

Q: What's your favorite meal of the day, and why?

A: Sharinskishe said...

I would have to answer Lunch. I love the salads, soups, sandwiches that are associated with lunch. I love brunches and breakfast foods. I often eat them for Lunch.

I feel like I am more energized for lunch and can make better food choices and have time for preparation.

Come dinner time, I am tired, seems like I am always behind and it is usually a very stressful time.

Lunch is almost always comfortable and casual. I don't feel like I have slaved all day and the food is consumed in just moments, and then there is still cleanup to do!


sues2u2 asks:

Q: I'm wondering what is your favorite part of spring?

A: Sharinskishe said...

I love to see new growth! I love to watch plants sprout, grow and mature. Flowers are included here and so are trees.

I love to feel 'new life' and I am reminded that our World is a gift from God. He blesses us each and every day.

The warmth from the Sun begins to warm our air and it is like God is wrapping his arms around me and hugging me tight. He is casting out the chill of winter's loneliness and replacing it with the warmth of summer's love.


East Coast Wahine asks:

Q: What's your Chinese Zodiac animal sign?

(Not sure what your animal sign is? Find out using the Chinese Zodiac Year Calculator at the Chinese Zodiac website.)

A: Sharinskishe said...

I'm a Rat and proud of it.

I really hated being a rat until the movie Ratatouille came out. The graphics make rats look good and I have a much better self image because of the movie!!!!

The descriptions are always accurate no matter what Chinese sight I have visited. I am also a Metal Rat and the last line indicates I could be obstinate. No not me!!! I would never admit to that, but ask my Hubby.......



Storm asked:

Q: What does Spring mean to you?

A: Spring to me is a new beginning. I love spring and am happy to have the warmth of the Sun call me outside to see the rebirth of our dear earth.

I live in Utah so we have snow now, and I love it when Spring comes, earlier the better! The snow is pretty to look at, but I stay inside because I hate the cold!

I love spring because the flowers and other plants begin to come forth. I love to see things grow and mature. I love to watch the grass grow green again. It is a promise of more fun filled outside days to come.

Thanks for your question.

Have a great day.

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