Thursday, March 26, 2009

This Morning Is..................


Yuck! It is really yucky today. The wind is howling and blowing with a big huff and puff. It is quite a show. It is beautiful in its' own right, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and my eye doesn't want to recognize the spring snow storms beauty!!! I won't........ I won't.......... I will not do it !!!!!!!!!

So, in case you can't understand the above, it says, Hubby took the car to work today and left us alone in a snow storm without wheels. Angel had to get to the bus stop in the horrific storm without the warmth of the car and daddy's company. So for the first time since she went back to brick and mortar school in January, I called a neighbor to hitch her a ride. She has walked to the bus stop all the other times irregardless of the weather. But we have not had such a windy, wet storm when she has had to walk.

So her friend 'B's' mom said she'd be happy to pick Angel up. She drives almost every morning so it was not a problem. We are going to make her some brownies after school. Then I hope that next time we have the car here in the morning and the weather is undesirable, we can call her and offer to pick 'B' up so she doesn't have to go out at all that morning.

Here's hoping that your weather is much better than ours!!! Have a great day!!!



  1. Haha, my mom said it's been snowing like crazy there the past few weeks. I just hope it decides to quit by the time I get there next month!

  2. We've been getting plenty of rain here the last few days but not snow!