Saturday, March 21, 2009

So I am here working on the computer, the doorbell rings. Ughhhhhhhh......... I hope it isn't one of the door to door salesmen. We are getting a lot of them lately as many husbands and fathers are out trying to drum up work to earn money for their families.


No, it wasn't for Pilot. No, it wasn't for Angel. Yes, it was for me and guess who it was? Yep, you guessed it a salesman!!

He started his oral presentation and I, not wanting to be rude, let him introduce himself and his company. Also knowing our financial situation, I did not want to waste his precious time, so I let him know that my husband had recently lost his job. And that the job he is working now does not allow us much money towards our budget. So this would be a purchase we would be unable to do at this time, if we wanted it.

I noticed his name tag and at the end asked it he was related to anyone who had taught seminary. He has two uncles that taught. I am pretty sure his uncle K.S. was my teacher in either 9th grade at the jr. high or during my high school years.

It was so fun to talk to him. I hope he finds business customers at this difficult time. He normally works construction. Boy do I know how hard bad economy times are for construction.

Anyway, how cool was that? I sure am glad I choose to go to the door and talk to that pesky salesman!~!!!!

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  1. It's such a small world! Good thing you opened the door and took a moment of your time.