Thursday, March 5, 2009

Kid Friendly Friday March 6

Our 'Friday" is not always on Friday. That is if we are meaning the end of the work/school week and everyone is home for the weekend. My husband is driving for a Charter Bus company right now and he does not have a set schedule. So we grab whatever night he is home and make it our DVD- movie night.

We have popcorn and all snuggle up on the couches and watch a good parent approved movie. I am sad to say that parent approved does not alway mean PG movies. If mom or dad like Iron Man, The Hulk, the Bourne movies, as well as Veggie Tales, The Work and The Glory Movies, Fire Proof, Liken the Scriptures, SpongeBob Squarepants, Baptists at our Barbecue, Mobsters and Mormons, Disney movies, etc. we watch them too.

My kids have been really good about choosing Church movies, especially on Sundays. We definitely are not perfect but we usually make pretty good choices. I believe that if it was not for Mom (me) we probably would stick to the better movies, I mean more wholesome types. However, I love The Bourne Movies, Hulk, Iron Man and I sometimes forget that these types of movies are not without challenges. However, it does get my kids asking questions alot. So maybe it is not all bad.

We have started to pop our popcorn in plan brown paper bags in the microwave. It is a lot cheaper to buy a bag of kernels and make your own microwave bags than purchasing Microwave bags.

I hope you have a wonderful Kid Friendly Friday!!!



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  1. I just recently stopped buying microwave popcorn and do the stovetop method. I'll have to try the brown bag method as well. I could eat popcorn every single night! Thanks for participating!!