Tuesday, March 3, 2009

WFMW - Flour Sifter, Whisk and a Story - March 4

Works for Me Wednesday

The Missing Flour Sifter
By Sharinskishe

One early morning, a busy grandma was getting ready to make her family their daily loaves of fresh bread. She went to her cupboards and pulled out all the things she needed. She got her large flour canister and her largest mixing bowl. She had everything on the table to make the delicious bread and now she needed the rest of her tools.

She grabbed a mixing spoon, she rarely used it, but she always got one out. Maybe it was because besides the giant bowl, all she really needed was her flour sifter and it seemed like there should be more tools for such an important job.

So she went to the cupboard to find her flour sifter. It was not home. She looked in it's favorite hiding place and it wasn't there either! What was she to do?

She called out to her grandkids, and they came running. She asked them about the sifter. One by one they told her they did not know where it was. She finally looked at little Tommy.

He was 5 years old and was looking kind of sheepish. He did not want to say anything, but Grandma asked him very nicely again, "have you seen my flour sifter? I need to make our bread and I need the sifter to make the bread soft and fluffy."

Tommy looked down at his shoes as he answered his grandma, "yes, grandma, I know where it is." But here he stopped, because he didn't want to share the rest of the story.

With a little urging he continued, "grandma, I wanted to go fishing today. I knew that your sifter made the best bread, so I thought it would find the best worms for the fish." Then he shifted his weight on his feet back and forth.

Grandma was silent and that made little Tommy nervous. "Well, where is my sifter right now?" she asked with calm soothingly kind voice.

Tommy slowly replied, "down near the manure pile." He looked up at grandma and continued, "that is where I find the best worms." He smiled briefly and then remembered he was probably in big trouble. So he quickly looked down at his shoes again. Suddenly he came up with a solution to his problem. "I'll go get it, clean it up and bring it back right now," he said eagerly already trying to turn to leave.

Grandma reached out and grabbed his arm so he wouldn't get away. "That's OK Tommy," she said, "I think you can use it for the rest of the day. In fact, that old thing has been itching to get out of the kitchen and into the fresh air for a long time. Why don't you just keep it and use it to always find the best worms."

She watched his tiny face warm up into a big smile and he said, "really, grandma?"

"Really, Tommy," she said as she fluffed his hair.

He gave her a big hug and said, "thanks, grandma. I promise I will catch you a big best fish!" And he skipped out the door and was on his way.

Grandma went back into the kitchen, opened a drawer, grabbed a whisk that was seldom used and she fluffed the flour that was still in it's canister. She smiled and thought to herself, 'kids! What will they improvise with next?"



It has been quite a while since I have been here participating in a WFMW. I will miss Rocks in My Dryer and I am glad that she plans on dropping in each week.

How fun to be hosted by We Are THAT Family! This will be a fun journey for everyone who visits each week.


This week being the first Wednesday of the month is a themed edition of WFMW and the theme is 'Greatest Tips'.


I really don't have a greatest tip. The greatest tip only lasts a moment for me, as I am always hunting for the next biggest tip. There are so many wonderful tips out there from all you guys and I hope to learn a lot from you. Thanks.

Tip: Flour Canister Whisk

I would say the one tip that has worked well for me, especially over the last couple of days is the 'whisk in the flour canister'. I always keep a small 8" or so wire whisk in my flour canister so that I can fluff the flour. I know a lot of people already to this. It is a good thing.

During Christmas baking and for our Pizza nights, brownies, cakes, bread, etc and then cinnamon rolls this last Friday, I was able to make sure my flour was fluffy and light like it had been sifted all because of my beloved whisk.

My mom and grandma allowed us kids to sift the baking flour for them when I was much younger. It was fun then, but now when I am in a hurry, the sifting just never gets done. I have never had a problem with using the whisk, in fact I never used to even fluff it before I discovered the whisk. I guess now that I am 'old' I just like fluffy flour.

Have a great day and jump back over to We Are THAT Family for more ideas!!



  1. What a cute story! The whisk idea is a good one. I don't have a sifter so I try to fluff up the flour with a fork or spoon but I think a whisk will work better for me =)

  2. I love that story. I'm glad grandma saw that the little boy was only being creative!
    I never thought to keep a whisk in my flour bin--great idea!

  3. Great story! I had never fluffed flour with a whisk, I always just used a tablespoon and a little bit of hope!