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My Aloha Friday #3 = March 13

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My Experience with
Norwegian Phone Booths
during 1984-85

Phone booths in Norway

When I was living in Norway during 1984 and 1985, I had certain rules to follow. One rule was to not call home except on specific days, i.e. Christmas, Mother's Day. This was to allow us to save money and at the same time keep our focus specific to our purpose of living in the country in the first place. But I was introduced to a secret about the pay phones of that period.

When we used the pay phones, (maybe it was certain ones, I can't remember,) they would allow us to call our home number in the States and we would have about 5 seconds where our families could speak before the connection was terminated due to lack of coin deposits. They would not be able to hear our voice at all unless money was deposited.

As I think about this now, I realized that I (we) were actually stealing phone service, as I used the system to get to hear my family's voices with the intent of never paying for the connect service. At the time, I thought how cool! Now I realize that as we continue to grow and mature we discover that things are not always how they seem.

I know that this connection, no matter how short, was a service and with it comes some costs. I know that somebody somewhere somehow was loosing revenue on my what I now consider "prank use" calls. I am sorry for my actions. At the time they were awesome, but now I realize that I must ask and be forgiven for my misconduct- a misunderstanding of my youth. (Yes, I was 24 and 25 at that time, but when you are nearly 50, 24 is in your youth! You really find out that you did not know very much at that age. And that you don't know all that much at 49!)

How We Made Our Calls:

I would figure out what time it was at home. We had an 8 hour difference so I would usually start calling after 4 in the afternoon. Then I would dial the number. The phone would ring.

"Hello?" my mom would usually answer, and then there was silence. Then the connection would drop. I would then call again. "I love you, Shari," came from my mom the next time and then the call would drop.

Sometimes I would call several more times. It was so wonderful to hear her voice. However sometimes I would stop there and hold her voice and words in my heart for the rest of the day or week, until I called again.

At first it was hard for her to remember that it might be me calling. It would take 3 or 4 calls until she would say anything. It was a life line for me at the time. I truly hope it was harmless to the phone company. I did not do it all the time, because I was much too busy and I was really rarely near a phone box.

I am glad for the time I lived in Norway, I have some great friends who live there. One of my wonderful Aunts has family in Norway. She is from Norway. I met a lot of her wonderful family and their friends. I love Norway and the beauty of the people and the country. I am grateful for the Internet and our ability to communicate via this technology which for me keeps costs down.

If you have never been to Norway, I hope you get an opportunity to go. It is awesome!!!

I hope this makes sense. I feel like I am totally rambling on, but I was reminded of this experience and wanted to write something about it.



My question this week is:

What is your favorite form of communication?


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  1. Actually being in a room & watching their faces.

  2. My favorite form of communication is becoming blogging. I don't like talking on the phone very much because I don't know how to hang up LOL I love being home to see my family, but I don't get there very often. So I've fallen in love with blogging and other online places (like Facebook) because I get to communicate with my family more often.

  3. I really enjoyed reading this! Isn't it amazing how technologies have evolved to what we have now? I don't know how I would survive without being able to communicate with my family on a pretty regular basis. My sweet husband felt like it was really important that we had an inexpensive service so that I could call home and that really made a huge difference in the first few months that I was living here.

    I think internet based forms of communication are my favorite, I mean I did meet my husband in an IRC chatroom ;)

  4. I have grown to love blogging! Never thought I would, but its a great way to meet other bloggers and to put my thoughts and ideas out there!

  5. There are so many forms of communication now and I like using various forms for different people and differnt purposes. The best, of course, is in person, though.