Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Kid Friendly Friday - March 20

Making Silk Flowers for a Wedding / Dance

I spent most of last Saturday making boutonnieres for my nieces wedding reception. It was so fun that I forgot to keep count and stop when I hit 14. I made 5 purple ones and 14 blue ones. But my sister, who is the expert, said no worries, because they will be included in the corsages and so my work was not for not.

This project was fun and fairly easy. Since I already make candy bouquets, things were not so different on the boutonnieres. I know that my kids, 11 and 13, could also do these. My daughter would have a bit more fun than my son.

I will post about this again when I can add some photos, I don't believe that I did not take any!!! I wonder where my mind was?

Anyway, I am thinking this is a fun skill to share with you and my kids. My son will benefit from learning how to make flowers and let me tell you why I feel this way.

Many years ago, I lived at home with my wonderful parents. On Sunday spring mornings, my dad would often go out to 'get the Sunday paper' and sneak some wild or garden flowers home. He would then hide himself in my mom's craft area while she was getting herself and all six kids ready for Church.

Then when it was time to leave for church, he would present her with a beautiful corsage that he loving wired and wrapped for her. I was always a bit jealous that he did not make me one too. I am so grateful for the love he has always shown to my mother! My dad took the time to learn how to make a corsage, so that he could surprise my mom with homemade ones. One made from her favorite flowers.

He still sometimes bought/buys from a florist, but I know my mom's favorite flowers come from her own garden and are prepared with love by my dad.

I really hope that my son will carry one the tradition/ example my dad set for my mother. I believe he will.

Have a great day!



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  1. I'm looking forward to seeing pictures!

  2. I'm looking forward to pictures as well. I love thestory of your dad making corsages for your mom. That is the sweetest thing I have heard! Thanks for linking up :)