Friday, March 13, 2009

About Me - Sharinskishe

I thought I would take a moment and introduce myself to all my new Blogger Friends. My name is Shari. I go by the screen name Sharinskishe and this is how that came about.

'Shar-in-ski-she'- google Sharinskishe and it comes up me!!! Wow, I think that is awesome, but scarey too.

You can go to My Sqidoo page and see more about me. Although I haven't updated in over a year. But only a few things have changed.

'Shari'- my name, as in share - ee;
'n'- as a connecter;
'ski'- not for snow skiing, could be waterskiing, although I have not done that in a million and one years. It really is just for the reason that I like names with 'ski or sky' in them; and
- for Stay-at-Home-Executive, I am a stay at home mom and love the opportunity I have to be here for my family.

So that is my name.

I am now 51 years old, young. My kids keep me young. I could have been a grandma by now if I had gone the conventional way and got married just out of high school or in college. But I am glad I waited.

I have had only one personal wedding ceremony and that is to my dear Hubby Mikel. He is my first. (OK, I also like the 'k' in Mikel, verses the spelling of Michael. I'm weird, but I want to be different!) We have been married for almost 19 years, in May it will be 19 years. We did marry later in life, I was 33 years old. It took way longer than I ever imagined to find my Dear Hubby. Funny thing is when I quit looking for him, he just appeared!

We have two children:

A boy, who is 16 nearly 17, who is named Pilot for his desire to become an airline pilot when he grows up. Which is not very far away. He will be taking flying lessons in a few years if everything works out well for him. He is in High School. Unbelievable, that he is so old!

A girl, who is 14 going on 16! Kids do grow up faster these days. She is named Angel, she truly is my Angel and my best friend. She is in High School this year and I can not believe she is growing up so fast. Her next big step will be her learners in 11 months- soon to be awesome driver like her awesome capable driver brother.

I grew up in a very wonderful home in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have the most wonderful awesome parents in the whole world. They are perfect for me. I wish I was perfect for them, but I am not perfect. I do know that they love me and that makes me special and happy!! I wish I never cause(d) them any trouble, I love them so very very much.

I have two wonderful sisters. I am in the middle of them age wise. I have three wonderful brothers, I am older than them. I am the second born in our family. But I was the last to get married and start a family. However, I was a family baby sitter for a long time and having my own babies was not scarey at all, I was pretty experienced.

I love being able to call my siblings and parents for advice on anything and everything. Someone is always one step ahead of me and when I find that person, they have been able to help me avoid some problems and keep me on the right track.

I have attended Ricks College in Idaho (now known as BYU-Idaho), Salt Lake Community College, BYU- Hawaii and continuing education classes.

I am a daughter of God. I am LDS, a Mormon. I spent 18months during 1984 and 1985 serving a mission for my church. I spent 2 months in Provo, Utah at our Missionary Training Center learning the basics of the Norwegian language.

Then I lived in Norway from the top to the bottom and inbetween for 16 months, helping spread the gospel to my fellow men. This was difficult for me in the sense, that I do not like to push my knowledge on others, but I was not there to push, I was there to teach. I only taught those who were interested and we found many wonderful people who wanted to know more. They did not all join my church, but I believe that because they learned more about Christ and his mission on this earth, that my time and labors were totally worth the effort. I never felt like I was wasting my time doing the Lord's work.

I also learned a lot about myself while I was serving my Heavenly Father. It is a blessing to be so focused on his teachings and have the opportunity to serve him by serving others. The Norwegian people are awesome and I loved that I was amongst them and could help them with shoveling of snow, taking in meals, being a friend and other small service gestures.

I was married to my Dear Hubby in the Salt Lake Temple in 1993. It was a wonderful event in my life. In our Temples, we can feel the spirit of calm, love and eternity. We are able to escape the difficulties of our hectic lives when we enter the doors of our Temples. There is nothing weird or secret about the Temple. It is a place that we believe we can find sanctuary from the woes of the world.

I love to make things, crafts, baking, sewing, gardening, stories, etc. I love to Blog. I love to visit and share. I often find myself running out of time to do all the things I want. But keep trying to make my life and the lives of my family better.

I wish I was skinny and more healthy. It is really an empty wish, or I guess it is really a wish not a desire. I just don't want to acept the responsibility that I can do something about my weight. I would then have to eat right, exercise and smile a lot of fake smiles as I would be miserable without my chocolate!!!

"Hi, my name is Shari and I am a "Chocoholic"," yes I am addicted to Chocolate. I am proud of it. (This should have been my very first sentence of my introduction!! ) Chocolate has not presented too many problems for me in my life and I am sure it is not the only reason I have put on pounds, which started when I was about 10 or so. I just love food.

So, in an effort to end this writing, I am going to close for now. If you have any questions, that I have not answered, please comment to me or e-mail me. If you use comments, I will answer as a comment too, so that all this stuff can stay together.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps you know me a little better. You are my friends and I want to get to know you guys better too. Thanks for your comments on my regular postings, it really makes me smile that the world is so small that I have friends all over it!!!


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  1. I have tried several times to reply to this post, but something has taken me away each time - a phone call, my husband calling me, dinner burning LOL

    I was 33 when I got married to my husband. (we have something very much in common!) I'm his second wife, but he's my first husband. I like the name Mikel - cool spelling. I've only been to Norway for a few weeks...It must have been an incredible adventure for all aspects of your life.

    Thanks for sharing your life - what an incredible gift you give to others.

    It has been a pleasure getting to know you!!

  2. I really enjoyed reading about you, your interests, and your family!
    Thanks for your comments on my site too. A 3 ring binder is a good idea for giving the kids to scrap in!

  3. I enjoyed getting to learn about you and your family. Your humor and honesty are refreshing, thanks for sharing. Debbie.