Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Make-Do Monday March 30

Make-Do Mondays

is a carnival dedicated to sharing the creative,
frugal or even humble ways we’re making-do with what we have
or what we can acquire in a frugal way.


This Make-Do was created by my son, Pilot. I think he was pretty creative. He needed a place to put his sun-flower seed shells. Typically he grabs a plastic cup or a kitchen bowl or plate, well he grabs whatever is near. But he was sitting at his Dad's computer desk and didn't want to get up. So he grabbed a piece of paper, bent the corners and TaaaDaaa he had a paper basket to collect the shells and could totally be thrown away when he was done.

Sunflower seeds are a popular snack with my kids and Hubby. (I only like the shelled ones.) But there is often a mess associated with them. So this little paper holder keeps the mess from happening. When he is done he folds the paper around the shells and throws the whole thing away, no shells drop on the way to the trash can. They aren't in my sink, because it 'takes to long' to dump them in the garbage. There are no more excuses!!

Now if I can get my Dear Daughter and Dear Hubby to use this method!!

Yes, my son is still in his PJ's.
He is homeschooled and he
doesn't get dressed as
early as I think he should!
He thinks I should tell you
he has BlueBerry Tongue Disease,
which makes him sick enough to
be in his PJ's for most of the day!!


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  1. He's a make-do boy! I love that he solved his problem so simply (and saved himself a few steps, as well).

  2. He's a creative kid, that's for sure. I like the blueberry tongue disease excuse haha! Have you gotten him interested in origami? He might just be a natural!