Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Make-Do Monday March 22

Make-Do Mondays

is a carnival dedicated to sharing the creative,
frugal or even humble ways we’re making-do with what we have
or what we can acquire in a frugal way.


Hanging Kitchen Tools on the Wall

I have this nice flat wall at right angles to my garage door in the kitchen that I needed to utilize. So I got some push pins out and pushed them into the drywall.

I found a spot for my pizza peel, my two colanders, my egg slicer and oven mitts. As well as a spot for one of my calenders. The calender was the first tenant of this space, but it looked lonely and so I gave it some friends to live with.

Simple use for push pins. I figure that the holes they leave will be small enough that if I ever paint the kitchen, the new paint will fill in the holes.

They have been in use for nearly 2 years and I have not had any trouble with them getting loose or falling out or not handling the pretty lightweight stuff they are holding. However, the pizza peel is quite hefty and I have not had any problems with it either.

I hope it is a good idea and not just good luck!!!!


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  1. Great idea. I have some things hanging above our kitchen window. I never thought of using push pins though. I'm going to get some and hang up oven gloves and things on the wall too. Thanks!

  2. What a great idea! I don't have much wall space in my kitchen unfortunately but I'd be all over this idea if I did! Now I'm thinking how I could use the push-pin storage idea in other rooms... hmmmm. Thanks for sharing. =0)

  3. I use push pins for a lot of stuff they are not made for :)

    I love having useful things hanging on the wall. Good job!

  4. That looks great and handy, too! I have a couple of lonely walls...I think I'll hunt for some push pins and useful items to hang! Thanks for participating in Make-Do Mondays.

  5. This is a good use of space. I should do that for the things I use all of the time!

    Go check out the award you received for having such creative ideas!!