Friday, October 16, 2009

Food on Fridays Oct 16 - The Garden is Frostbitten!

   I know, my tomato plants are spindly and unkempt, but hey they are producing!  This is what they looked like in September.

Look at this scrumptious tomato~!  It made the most delicious tomato and cheese sandwich.  Got to love those fresh, homegrown garden fresh toms!!!

These guys are huge!  I need to plant more next year.  They came from a local nursery and I hope I have the tag still in the garden telling me what variety they are.  

That reminds me, I should just make a Garden Journal or add it to my Gratitude Journal.  I would only need to draw a quick 'stick' drawing of the garden and write the plant variety in the spot on the drawing.  Then I would always know what I had.  
(Note to Self: DO THIS!!!!)

Do you see the tiny tom in the bottom center?  Well it came off our other variety plants.  They are plum size, but a regular tomato versus a roma.  They tasted good too, but were small and harder to make tomato slab sandwiches.  They were great to chop/dice up for salads and chopped salad sandwiches.

I am grateful for garden fresh tomatoes.  
I still have one plant that is alive and kicking.  The others got frostbite and have died.  
I forgot (or was too lazy tired from school and life responsibilities) to put a blanket over them when the first frost was forecast.  
I am sad I lost my plants and some of their fruits to the cold, cruel Jack Frost! 

The photo above is our toms that grow in front of our front porch. The one on the left shows more dead plants than the one on the right.  I still have a bunch of good plants with growing fruit on them, they are buried beneath the frostbit plants.  They also stay warm from the concrete on the porch front. These are part of the same plants that are in the first photo above only taken a month later.  

Please do not look at the lost fruits.  
I feel really bad about the waste, but somewhere I dropped the ball and did not keep up on the gathering of the crops.  
I am making myself a promise, that next year I will do so much better than this year, in gathering and using my garden bounty.
It wasn't just the toms I wasted, but some red hot peppers too.  Now they might be OK, I have not checked on them as in feel-touch.  Maybe tomorrow.  Oh, who am I kidding?  They will just look nice, red amongst the white snow!  Again maybe next year..................

Here are the frostbit plants from the back garden, notice the still green onion shoots:
and the wonderful flowers, that are still green and some still flowering:
mmm.............. I have a lot of repenting to do over the 'spilt' garden waste...................  Times are hard right now and I really do feel bad that I wasted so much produce.  OK I won't whine any more.  I will 'fix' my situation and make sure I do better in the future!  

Have a wonderful fall day.  


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  1. I LOVE homegrown tomatoes! I didn't have a garden this year because we thought we might move. We did....and I hope to have a small garden next year.

  2. It is really hard to use all that a garden has to offer. WOW! Those tomatoes look so good. I say this all the time, but the only tomatoes I like are warm ones --- warm right off the vine. In your case, cold off the vine LOL

    Kristin - The Goat

  3. I love garden tomatoes. I fresh garden tomatoes is do much better than ones from the store.
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