Sunday, October 18, 2009

Make-Do Electronic Cord Containment

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Make-Do Mondays with Shari

....How I Contain Those Unruly Electronic Cords That I Carry Around In My Computer Bag....

These are just a few of the cords I get to carry in my computer bag.  They get so messy and out of control.  So, I addressed the problem with them today.  

I wanted a container that I could see through and that would be mailable and thin enough to fit comfortably in my computer bag.  I also did not want to keep each cord in it's own container.

First, I thought about what I had available:  
  • Plastic Zip bag
  • rubber bands (or in this case, narrow cut section from a bicycle tube)

Second, I coiled up the cords and put a band around them.

Third, I put them in the plastic bag.  
And then stuck the bag in my computer bag.  
It fit just like I wanted. 


Oh, man, this one is so Easy-Peasy that I can't believe I left it a mess for so long.  The only thing left to do to make this that much better would be to label each cord for easy retrieval.  

I guess we will see if I get that final step done!


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  1. Great idea! I use elastic bands in this way to keep the longer leads at the back of my computer desk in some sort of order.

    Sorry I've missed Make-Do Monday the last couple of weeks. I think this is my first time taking part here instead of Ann Kroeker's blog. Thanks so much for taking on hosting. I know you will do a fantastic job and look forward to reading many more Make-Do Monday post! :)

  2. Good idea! I think it's funny we are both posting about cords this week.

    I am so glad you took on hosting Make-Do Monday...I would've missed it. I look forward to seeing how other's make-do ideas!