Sunday, October 11, 2009

Make-Do Flash Cards for School

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Make-Do Mondays with Shari

So most of you know that Hubby and I are back at college having a wonderful time becoming Pharmacy Technicians.  Well one of our classes is Medical Terminology, where we will be learning a whole bunch of medical terms.  
Our book is called Medical Terminology 350, for the 350 terms we are supposed to learn- memorize that is.  Our teacher told us we would learn about 400 terms altogether.  And with those terms we could make thousands of words, or interpret thousands of words.  Awesome!  I say, awesome!

However, part of the class requirements is making flash cards and you all know how I love to make-do and not buy stuff if I can, or at least only buy the things I really want, like markers, pens, gadgets and do-dads.  lol....

So first off, I don't want to buy index cards, I know they are cheap, but I have something else I can use.  And I could save that money for a new pen....  But I didn't need a new pen, because I did get markers when school supplies went on sale before school started.  So I am all set there too.

So here is my recycled bag that holds my 400+ flash cards I have made.

The bag was originally holding a mix of Lehi Roller Mills pecan bars and yes, it is a Christmas print, but I am so OK with that at any time of the year.  It is a cute bag.  The plain every day bag I gave Hubby for his cards has a sewn in draw string, but mine didn't so I just used a hair elastic.  Works for me.

Now here are my cards, well part of them- I now have 400.  They are on old, out of date business cards.  The ones I had when I was the Director of the Day Care.  I figured that these cards would work just fine and they are perfect for me.  I just used a sharpie to write the definition on front of the card where the printing was.  I can see it just fine, if I need it.  The back of the cards are plain and perfect for the terminology words.  They are a perfect size too.  I love them.  Hubby loves his, yes he had to make his own, only fair, he and I are separate students.  We each have to earn our own grades.

I usually buy my business cards via Vista Print and get the free ones or the premium cards when they are on special for free.  The backs on the premium cards are empty which is the best for recycling if they last that long.  So since I only get the free cards, my cost is only the shipping.  

The last time i bought 250 cards it cost me about $6 to ship. The business cards are nice and still quite cheap.  But if I had just thrown them away, it would be a waste, so reusing them really works for me.


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  1. Great Make-Do! I love that your old business cards didn't make it into the trash and now have a new life/new job!

    Way to go with going back to school!