Saturday, October 10, 2009

Road Construction - Applying Turn Arrows

Is there anyone in this world that is not affected by road construction?

Here at home in Saratoga we are having some major work done on our major two roads.  It has been affecting us for about a year now and although it has been rough, it hasn't been in my personal way too much. 

As Hubby and I were returning from school last week we got held up for about 30 minutes and I enjoyed watching how the 'arrows' were applied to the road.  These are the two left arrows that are on Hwy 68 heading south.

First they laid about 5 or 6 pieces of white material on the ground, putting them together like a puzzle with all flat edges.

Then they got out these cool fire guns and started to melt the arrow pieces to the fresh asphalt.

The seams between the pieces just melted together and the arrow became seamless and very securely adhered to the new roadway.



We ended up moving on before the arrows were completely fused to the road.  But it was quite fascinating to see this work done.

I still thought that they painted the arrows on the road, but then times have changed and I imagine that on really busy areas, this applique product most likely lasts longer than just paint.

But the best news is we finally have the intersection nearly complete!  It will be so nice when the major roads are all done and traffic can flow freely again only more freely because we will have more lanes carrying our billion cars to and from home and our various locations and back again.



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