Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cookies for Pilot and Angel

I was asked to make cookies one morning as Pilot left for school.  "You'll have plenty of time, 'cuz you don't have school for a couple of hours."  Right, plenty of time.  Dishes, laundry, straightening, homework, studying for a 200 terminology word mid-term test............... right, nothing to do, plenty of time for baking!
(This was a couple of weeks ago.)

So I decided to bake the cookies.  He really had asked so nicely and he has been quite a good boy lately.  He wanted chocolate chips. 


I decided to make-do, by making some cookies with chocolate, but not chocolate chips.  You see, I had some m&m's that needed to be used.  Let me tell you a little story of my m&m mishap.

You ask, what happened to your m&m's?  Well let me tell you.  We have been using a camping trailer this summer and have been having a wonderful time.  I bought some snacks in June and stuck them in the trailers pantry.  Amongst those snacks was a huge bag of m&m's 24oz or so, big bag but not a huge Costco or Sam's Club size.  

I opened the bag and had a small handful and then put them back away for the next trip in July. So these wonderful snack items stayed in the trailer and lived in the hottest heat of the summer.  When we went camping over labor day weekend, I was so looking forward to snacking on my stash of m&m's.  However, when I tried to pour out a handful, I felt lumps and what was like crumbs.  Then I noticed, they had gone to dust.  They bloomed, the chocolate had bloomed!

So I put them in a zip lock bag and brought it into my kitchen.  I was so sad, but there was no way I would throw this stuff, awful as it looked, away.

So as I was contemplating making cookies for Pilot and Angel, I thought of the m&m's sitting on my countertop waiting to be saved from the trash.  So I pulled out a Chocolate Chip recipe and started making the cookie dough.  

I did this in my breadmaker as usual, and it was a little dry, but I finished mixing with a spoon. It was dry because when I put the crumbled m&m's in the bowl, there was a lot of chocolate powder and it was like having chocolate flour and I did not compensate by cutting down on the flour or adding any extra moisture.  

It really was fine because when I squeezed a ball of dough, it stayed together, so I new it would be just fine.

I plopped dough balls on the cookie sheet and flattened some of them slightly just to see if it was better to do that step.  It turned out is really didn't matter, both ways turned out just fine.

I did about 4 trays of 12 cookies and left them out for the kids to find after school.  I didn't take any to school with me to snack on, and I sure I had 'cuz I could hear them calling me all the way at school!

I really wanted a whole bowl of cookies to myself, but I didn't do it.  I just tossed them in this bowl to take a photo.

We liked the cookies.  They turned out quite tasty.  I only used half of the m&m's, so I can make another batch.  


It is sad to say, they only lasted a couple of days, as usual, in our house.  But we did enjoy them bunches.

I used half of the remaining blossomed m&m's and made more cookie dough.  I also made a box of Betty Crocker Fudge Brownies.  

What I did was mix the brownie mix according to the box, pour that into a 9x13 pan, then I took a hand full of the cookie dough and patted it flat and laid it on the brownie mix.  I did this with all the cookie dough.  Then I baked it.  I don't remember at what temperature or for how long.  It was a true experiment and I forgot to photo and take notes.

The cookie dough layer was harder than the brownie layer, so I put the whole thing into zip lock bags and left it over night.  The next day the moisture had evened out- from the brownies to the cookie layer.  

They really were good.  I won't even tell you who in my house has nearly eaten the whole batch.  I am quite sure you could never guess.  But if I am what I eat, I am a little bit squishy, a little bit hard, a little bit chocolaty (OK a lot chocolaty), a bit cracked up and colorful (broken up m&m's) and just all around interesting!!!



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