Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Dad's Surprise Birthday Lunch 2009

October 13, 2009 came a little early this year, it came on October 10th!  

Almost everyone (kids and grandkids) who lives around my Dad was able to come and surprise him with a Birthday Lunch at Cabelas.  

He was really surprised, he had no idea we were going to do this.  One fun part was my brother and his wife were here from Wyoming and were finally able to come to one of the surprise dinners/lunches. 

So the people at Cabelas put us in the Book Cliffs conference room.  We were by ourselves and able to visit without a lot of outside noise.  

We thought being in the Book Cliffs room was awesome, but the big mural was of elephants!  However, hidden behind the drop down giant white screen was a large mural of a fish.  That is a better picture, but a large buck would have been the best!!

Here's wishing that everyone could have been there!!  We missed all of you who weren't able to come!  Grandpa missed you very much.

One thing we did this time that was special was each of us took a turn and told Grandpa/Dad how much we appreciated him.  Some told experiences that they shared with him with all of us.  We had laughs and tears.  

Then Dad told us how much he loved our mom/grandma.  He bore his testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and shared his love for the Gospel and admonished us to pray and study for our own testimony and help our testimony grow stronger.  

It was a very wonderful afternoon.  I am blessed to have such a wonderful family.

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  1. Oh man, I cried reading this! It is such a blessing to be with people that you love and care about! I'm glad you guys all had a wonderful day *hugs*