Friday, October 2, 2009

Caution Sign and Dinner

Hubby and I had a $30.00 gift certificate to Texas Roadhouse Restaurant and so we used it last Saturday, September 26th.  

Boy was the food good.  It was probably really great because it was free, I didn't have to cook it and I didn't have to clean up afterwards!

I just loved this sign as we entered:


Yes, there was dust in the area, but I guess Peanut Dust is OK, it didn't cause me to sneeze like regular dust does.  LOL...............

We ordered our food and I was surprised by the amount of food on my plate.  
I chose to have Salmon which I received 4 fillets of, a baker with butter and sour cream and a sweet potato with their cinnamon honey butter.  
I was comparing the two potatoes.  I figured since it was free, I should play around and try something I would never order!

We even got dessert, not that I had any room, 
but because it sounded wonderful.

Yes, we took home the ice cream and brownie.  We probably ate 4 bites off it.  
But Pilot and Hubby finished it off at home.  
I wanted another bite when I wasn't so full, but it was soooooo gone by that time.  I nearly cried!  
The brownie had a ganache type frosting on it and it was soooooooooooooo delicious.  
I guess I will have to get another one someday........  

May I please get another $30.00 gift certificate?  



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