Sunday, October 4, 2009

Make-Do Water Bottle Cover

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Make-Do Mondays with Shari

Have I mentioned that I like to put socks on my water bottle? I can buy ones from the store for a buck a pair or less for themed ones, like Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Halloween, etc. That is fun......  

But to be more frugal and  Make-Do I use old socks. Yes, they are clean and I really try hard to make sure they look clean, but sometimes older sox are stained. It really helps if you have colored socks for this, but I mostly have white ones. Sometimes I cut the bottom off and just use the ribbing from my Hubby’s socks- they are still very white. He goes through socks very fast.

The reason I love covers for my water is that I often have condensation build up on my bottle and the sock keeps it from getting other things wet. It is it’s own coaster, I don’t have to worry about my wood table or papers getting wet. I also want to believe that it keeps the water a little cooler longer as the water evaporates, it should cool the bottle. I don’t know if it would really work in this case, but I do use evaporative cooling a lot when we are camping.

Also, you can tuck your lid in the sock and not loose it. I have a key to my bedroom tucked in it now so if my room is locked I don’t have to look for my keys. It is the emergency key. I put coupons, grocery lists and notes in it to. It has really helped me.

My sunglasses can hang on it, a pen can be held by it, many many ways to use it. I sometimes even pull the sock off, if I think it might not be a ‘good look or attire’ for the affair it is headed to.

LOL.......... I need to carry an extra casual and a dressy sock for those other times!!


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  1. Socks on water bottles? What a great idea! Great way to protect the wood furniture. Once again, you show us simple ideas that take minimal effort but have a big impact.