Sunday, October 25, 2009

Crock Pot Tip & some ramblings.......

Do you know that when I don't feel good, I get grumpy and down right ornery?  

Well ask anyone in my family. 

Just cover your ears if you really don't want to know the truth about me!  

I am a grumpy ole' bear at times and with this Yucky Swine Flu, I have been quite a grumpy bear!!!  

I will rain on your parade!  
I promise.  

Just watch me sitting on the rain cloud letting it drip on you and yours- if you are trying to have a fun day.  If you are well, well you'll be wet if I can catch you!!  

I have a bad case of Cabin fever! I'm tired of Coughing! I'm Hungry!  Nothing sounds good to eat.  I am Wheezing.  I have had enough Headaches.  I am done with my high Fever.  I am over the worst of the Chills and Sweats...................... 

(Don't get worried by the wheezing, it is benign, nothing serious, 
I just had to add it in as it adds the element I wanted!!! lol......)

This swine flu is really bad stuff.   
Stay away from coughing, feverish looking people!  
You don't want this!!

The good news is that we are getting over it!  I see the light at the end of the Sickie Tunnel!!  We are nearly well again!!  Hurray for us!!!

We are also now immune to the Swine Flu!  What a nice silver lining.  Unless of course the swine flu decides to mutate and we catch a mutated version?  I hope not.  I would like to think that we are immune!!  Yeah, I'll stick with that.

Do you want something?  
Are you still reading?  
OK, I see you are still here 
so here is a food TIP for you.

I received some chicken from my parents while we have been sick.  My parents have brought us stuff and left it on the door step, then they call and tell us there is a surprise on the door mat.

My Dear Hubby took the chicken and put it in the fridge.  I thought the rest of the family had been nibbling at it.  I also thought it was a whole chicken from the rotisserie.  

Gasp! No one has eaten at it!  

My first thought was to put it in the crockpot and heat it up take off the breast and thigh meat and then make soup out of the rest of it.  

That is when I found out it was chicken pieces, fried or baked pieces.  Still wonderful.  

So I dumped the chicken into the crock straight from the fridge and turned it on high.  Now it smells heavenly in the kitchen!  and the pieces are piping hot and ready to eat.  

Then after the bones are scoured, I will cover them with water and make some chicken broth.

I changed my mind.  Not really enough to make soup with.  The meat is tender and falling off the bones.  We will eat it all.  Just give us a couple of minutes.

So my tip was to reheat the chicken in the crock pot not the microwave.  It took a bit more time, more energy, but it is, oh, so much nicer and tastier!!  

Since we weren't going to be eating for a while throwing it in the crock was one of those 'toss it in and forget it for a while' meals.  

Now mashed potatoes, gravy and corn will round it out and we are eating a nice meal that was Easy-Peasy to put together all thanks to my wonderful parents who have been helping us out during our time of isolation!!!  

(Those of you who know me don't read this.  For the rest of you don't look the messy countertop!) 

(Yes we do have chocolate powder.  I just took it out of the cupboard, it needs to be used.)

My food here is on a small salad plate.  Funny how the thigh became a heart shape as I picked on it while it was in the crock pot!!

Reheating in the crock might make sense sometimes.  It did today.  I think I will watch for other opportunities to use the crock pot.  After all, next to my cast iron, my crock is my favorite cookware!!

Hope your day is being happy and healthy.  Stay away from those swine!!!  They are not selfish they share their germs with anyone and everyone!!!


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  1. Oh Shari! My 5 year old niece has the swine flu and her momma just brought their newborn home from the hospital, so my mom and I have been taking care of her for about 10 days now. Thankfully I didn't get sick, so I can take care of her, but it's been a mini nightmare because she can't go home for fear of getting the baby sick or her momma sick. Ugh.

    The crockpot chicken sounds yuuuummmy :)

    Kristin - The Goat