Sunday, October 25, 2009

Make-Do Book Marks that make Me Smile

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Make-Do Mondays with Shari

 So have any of you noticed that I like dangly items?  Well you would if you hung around me in person.  

In this photo I have the tops of my bookmarks, my pen's CTR charm and my phone's strap.  The cool strap I used to have on my phone with a lot more dangles in now on the trailer keys.  

I might get that back when we return the trailer- that should be this week.  And then the driveway will be back to normal!  Hurray!!

But back to dangles.  I was getting bored with using a plain old standard card stock bookmark.  The stereotypical boring marker that was given out free from a convention I attended.  Now I must say that for a free marker and even though it was boring, it had a very wonderful saying/message/poem on it. 

"Only as high as I can reach can I grow, 
only as far as I seek can I go, 
Only as deep as I look can I see, 
only as much as I dream can I be."  -Karen Ravn

Now this bookmark's theme fits right in with my Strategies for Success class, but their size and shape works real nice in covering up my Medical Terminology words as I study in the book.  


But I still need my dangly stuff. So I made these easy bookmarks with some left over beads and tiny 1/8th inch wide ribbons.

The dangles make me happy.  Keeping my place in my books makes me happy.  And these bookmarks don't fall out like the cards can do.  

I just took my two colors of ribbon and measured how long I wanted them, added a bit for knots and doubled the length and finally cut the ribbon.  Then I folded the ribbon in half and tied a knot in the 'top' at the loops. 

Then I threaded on a few beads- on all 4 ribbon pieces and pulled them up to the top knot.  then I put more bead on the ends of each ribbon tail and tied a good knot at the very end.  

The knot has to be big enough to keep the beads on, of course you know that...........  just saying- I thought I would mention it.............. from a little personal experience I had................... lol..................

The main thing is that they make me smile, and I am sure the smiley face beads enjoy seeing me smile back at them.  This is an Easy-Peasy quick project and I know I will be making a lot more, because these are not the first ones I have made and I know they will not be the last.  But they are the first ones I have posted about.  

Have a wonderful idea filled day and week.  See you next week for another wonderful Make-Do Monday!!!


with Shari

with Ann Kroeker

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  1. I love this type of bookmark! They're so simple to make too =)

    I didn't get an MDM done this week, we didn't have anything that broke and needed repairing ;) I do have a couple of ideas that I need to write posts for and have on back supply though!