Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hubby's Visit to American Fork Hospital for Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Why does Hubby seem so happy?  He is going under the knife soon.......... Shouldn't he be apprehensive and concerned?  

I think he is happy to have this procedure done.  Is he hoping that he will have better use of his hand?  No numbing and no going to sleep on him?  I suppose that could be why he is happy.

After a short wait he was taken back to get ready for his surgery.  I left for a moment and when I came back I had to try to find him.  

Is he behind curtain #1?  

Yep, that is where I found him.................  in bed, with a new hat, new gown, footsie socks and quietly pondering his fate.

So cute!  Love your hat dear.  You look so relaxed and calm.  You really were calm and no-big-deal attitude.

We spent the time waiting practicing our Medical Terminology words.  He did really quite well.  I was quizzing him because we had a test the next day of 200 terms and I figured this would be a great time to practice.  It was a good time.

The nurses/techs/anesthetists all came in and made sure he was ready for his upcoming experience.  However I noticed that not one of them asked him to mark the wrist they were going to do the carpal tunnel procedure on.  So I took care of it.  

"Do This arm 
or a 

(cerebr/encephal = brain, ectomy= surgical removal of)

Soon he was wheeled away from me, a final kiss and a wish of good luck.

I headed back to the waiting room to study and wait for him.  They said it would be about 30 to 45 minutes.  So I settled in and began to read.  After about 10 minutes a dad came in to wait for his 9 year old son, who was having surgery to repair a broken pinkie finger- they put two pins in to stabilize the bones.

We had a nice visit about medical miracles, wonderful technology we have now, blessings and how we both know that Heavenly Father loves us all very much.  It was really a wonderful visit.

Then about 20 minutes after my sweet Hubby was wheeled away, I was summoned to his recovery room/bedside. 

He was asking for his Emv - his Mona Vie Energy drink.  So I gave him his drink and he was very happy.

His hand was nicely bandaged and all seemed to be well.  Everything did go well the nurse said.

Then I noticed that the Doctor has sent me a message:

"Sorry, none to be found."

I laughed so hard, Dr. Sanderson is so funny!

Each recovery bed had it's own flat screen TV.  That was quite fun.  He had to check it out.  We watched the end of the movie Sabrina, we both like that movie.  We watched it when we stayed in a cabin up in Brighton, Utah for our 4th anniversary. 

Thanks to our nurses on that day.  They made Hubby's stay very comfortable, fun and carefree.

The whole experience was very enjoyable and a blessing for Hubby.  His wrist is doing so much better now.  It hasn't been falling asleep like it was and that is truly a blessing.

I thought Hubby would want a snuggly doll to cuddle with during surgery and recovery, 


but I decided that he was a big enough boy not to have to have a comfy snuggly thing. 



  1. I have a Wonderful wife who takes the time to post this for my family

  2. She forgot to mention that I had to show it to my school class and they all burst out laughing also as to what was written

  3. Haha I love that you wrote on his arm and then the doctor actually WROTE BACK!!

    I'm glad everything went well =)