Monday, April 13, 2009

My Make-Do Monday for April 13

Make-Do Mondays

is a carnival dedicated to sharing the creative,
frugal or even humble ways we’re making-do with what we have
or what we can acquire in a frugal way.


Well, since I don't have a clue to what to write today, I will just start typing. What have I Made-Do with lately?

Oh yes! I have one. Last Friday at my nieces Wedding Reception, we had a door into the gym at the Church that would not stay open. They wanted the door open so the guests could easily find their way to the party.

My brother, the father of the bride, who is also a good Make-Doer, told me he couldn't get the door to stay open. And then he ran off to be photographed! It was time for the Wedding Reception Photos. So I took it upon myself to get that door open. I also grabbed my kids so we could work out a solution together- anything to get them thinking and innovating is top on my list of things to do with them.

I come from a very innovative family. My father, his father and family before them, were always making do and inventing. I always say I come by it naturally, but I believe I was taught how to Make-Do by example. All I can say is, Thanks, to all those who help me figure things out!!

Anyway back to the 'door' problem. Hubby tried to get the door's hardware to do it's thing, but the hardware was missing a nut or something. So my kids started hunting for a door stop. Some of our other buildings have door stops in the classrooms. But they couldn't find one. Hubby and Pilot tried a towel or something cloth- again no go. We put a chair in front of it and that worked, but the chair was not pretty and it stuck out and just wasn't going to work for me.

So I went and sat in a cushy chair. On the end table were some papers. I picked up a brochure and folded it until it was a wedge shaped thing. I sent Angel up to Pilot who was by the door for him to try it. I heard him say 'doesn't work. So I picked up a couple more brochures and papers and folded them all together and made a bigger wedge. I took this to the door and with help from Hubby's shoe, we got it wedged under the door and the door was open tight!

Woooo-whooo !! It worked. I personally saw it work for 3 hours. I was proud of all of us working together to get that door to stay open. I know my kids got some great experience of thinking and innovating. It was a good success for us.


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  1. It's fun when that stuff works - you just want to go around and say - I did that! Look, it's still working LOL

    When you said you used a chair, I immediately thought of the door in "Breakfast Club" and the folding chair hahaha -- I'm glad your chair worked until you could find a better solution.

  2. You know, I think we're a lot alike. I love to get past the giving up mentality and like to encourage thinking and innovating. It's problem-solving! The world has a lot of problems; it needs a lot of problem-solvers who won't give up. Way to stick with it!

  3. Way to go! So glad you figured out something that was more discret than a chair. I'll bet the bride was thankful a woman was at work on the problem. lol. I think my Hubby would've stopped with the chair and called it a day. =0)

  4. I just popped over from Ann's... neat trick. :) We've never bought a doorstop, and that 'paper trick' can work wonders for hours even in the face of Caribbean winds (I live in Jamaica).

    We've progressed to small sand-filled plastic bottles now though. ;)

  5. Good for you for coming up with a solution that was easy and worked!