Friday, April 3, 2009

My Aloha Friday for April 3rd

I was posting to Kid Friendly Friday about using Conversation Cards to get to know your family and friends better, and I thought I would pick a card for my question here.  So this is what I picked. What State** or Country were you born in? and Do you still live in the same State or Country?
**please note:  you do not have to put the city, and if you don't want to share this information- identity theft precautions, I understand.  This is just interesting to me.  But please give me a Howdy anyway- OK?  Thanks.

So here is my answer.

  • I was Born in Salt Lake City, Utah. 
  • I still live in Utah but exactly 32 miles from where I grew up.  A new city and a new county.  But I love it. 
To let you know a bit more about me-

My parents moved from their house in Salt Lake City after living there for 40 years or so, just 10 years ago.  It was a hard move for all of us- such memories.  Then the house was torn down for office buildings- that was hardest.

I lived many places as a single. After I got married, we first made our married home in Salt Lake City.  Now we are in our 5th location and 3rd city.  But we are still only 30 minutes from my old 'homestead'-that is now office complexes and totally unrecognizable!  My kids only have photos to see what it was like.  It was awesome where I grew up!  It was probably awesome where you grew up too.  Isn't it our memories that make our growing up homes awesome?!

I love other states.  I have traveled to many and feel as though I could live anywhere, as long as I have my family near or access to technology to connect to my family.  But Utah is my home right now and I am comfortable with that.

I do want an Island in the warm Pacific or Atlantic, but again that is another post.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Have a great week!!!

My question to you this week is:

What State or Country were you born in?

Do you still live in the same State or Country?


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  1. I was born just up the road from you in Ogden, Ut. I grew up in Layton although I haven't lived there for half the time I've been alive! I've lived in Montana, NY, So Utah, England, Germany, Maryland & Arizona. I won't even go there on how many times I've moved though!

  2. I was born in California but now live in Washington. I did live in Provo, Utah at one time. I've lived in 3 states, but have moved AT LEAST a dozen times in my life and I'm almost 30. I figure I've moved more times since I met my husband than my entire life - lol. Oh well, at least I'm getting good at packing :)

  3. I was born in the midwest but lived half of my life in Calif and then moved to the South for a few years and now live in Nevada...but my HEART...that is in Paris :)

  4. I was born on an AirForce base in Marquette, MI - the frigid Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We moved to the Lower Peninsula when I was 4. I lived in Michigan most of my life until 2003, when I finally lost all patience with winter and my husband and I moved to Florida.

  5. I was born in California and have lived in the state all my life. I've moved around quite a bit within the state though.

  6. I was born in Norfolk, Neb but my parents moved to MN when I was just a few months old. Mn is my state but I did go back to Neb. regularly as my grandpa was there.

    I left MN for college and got married (to a Nevadan) and moved again but MN drew us back again. I think we are probably here to stay.