Monday, April 27, 2009

Beaches and Pina Colada's

 Brea's Mommy asked an Aloha Friday question:

If you could have any job in the world what would you want to do?

I answered that I would want to be a Beach Tester & Virgin Pina Colada Drinker.

I would love to travel all the beaches in the world and rate them. A good two weeks at each place ought to give me enough information to write a critique, don't ya think? And of course I will have to have my Pina Colada's and some chocolate- might have to be candy coated chocolate, because I like my beaches warm!! Thanks for getting me thinking about my favorites things today!!!

Of course I would want my family to be with me.  So I would still want to be a mom and wife.
I really doubt that this is a real job but fantasy jobs are what I really want right now.  I need some time away from the real cares of this world.  So I am off reading and delving into a bit of fantasy.  I am way tooo stressed and need to take care of myself for a bit.

So I am off to a beach with a good book, but maybe I won't be having a Pina Colada, it will be ice water and maybe some homemade buttermilk!

First, I'm going to finish New Moon, yes I know that I am slow in picking the book up and starting it.  But I just picked it up yesterday and I only have 40 pages to go.  Yes, I read nearly all afternoon.  But today I have started my 2 loaves of bread and done some Blogging.

Second, I'll be getting Eclipse off the bookshelf and devouring it.  Then I'll decide if I go on to Breaking Dawn and maybe the last couple of Harry Potter's I have be hoarding.  I just don't want to run out of these authors work.

I have pretty much run out of Louis L'Amour works and I hate that.  He is one of my overall favorite writers.  I hate it that he has passed away.  I am grateful to his kids for publishing everything they can that he created.  He is so talented.  In my humble opinion.

Anyway, I am off to my beach hut.  Which means my bedroom.  Of course my tub is the ocean water.  My carpet is the sand.  And my door is my barricade to the present.  I hope to be back soon.  So my love to you all.  I will return and be feeling much better.


  1. I purchased two of the Twilight books on my Kindle for my overseas trip. I see I might not have to worry about having something interesting to read LOL

    Enjoy your Beach of a vacation :) Looks like it won't cost you a thing!

  2. Is Hubby allowed on the beach?