Friday, April 3, 2009

My Kid Friendly Friday for April 3rd

A few Valentine's ago, I picked up some 'Conversation Cards'.  This pack has 46 question cards, and some rules.  The object is to give people a chance to learn more about their friends, spouses or significant other.  This is a fun game.

I remember in High School, one of the few things I can remember from that time ohhhhh sooooo loooooong agooooooo; or 'back in the old days' as my kids say.....  I remember in High School, I took a class that is now more commonly called study hall, can't remember what it was called when I was there.  It was an experiment and I'm not sure if they kept it.......  Whatever!!!

I'll start again.  I remember in High School, in my study class, my friends/acquaintances, and I would write lists of questions we wanted to know about the other person.  Then the person would fill in the answers and tadaah, we learned a lot about them!  It was really fun.  I am sure I have some of the papers in a box somewhere.  That would be fun to find and then get in contact with my friend and share it back to them 31 years later!  That really would be fun.

So, my idea for today is this: 

Conversation Questions for the Family

We wrote questions on the back of old business cards.  We have a stack of them and I try to keep some of them in the car.  So when we have down time in the car, we can ask a question and then talk.  It has helped us get to know each other a lot better.

I think that it would be fun for use in sleep overs / slumber parties.  Dates.  Dinner parties.  Playdates or Hanging (as my 11 yo informs me).  For parties, everyone could write their own questions and put it in a box, vessel and then at a certain time you could play the game.  Pull out a card and answer the question, one person at a time could answer.  Everyone could answer, a conversation could come from it.  Etc.  Who knows, a lot of different outcomes could come from a question.

As a family, we have had fun with them.  I hope this gives you some ideas on how to get to know your housemates better.  Sometimes we are surprised by how little we really know about our loved ones!!  I have been.  Or is it that they are constantly changing their likes as they grow?  Could be both!!!

Have some fun and see ya later~!!



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  1. I love this idea! When the boys are older, it'll be fun! Right now, the answers would be limited to Spiderman and Batman....

  2. that's a great idea! there are nights that we are lacking for conversation at dinner time!

  3. Great idea! Can't wait to do this as my son and daughter get older.

  4. I used to do lists of questions like that in high school too! Hadn't thought about it in years, great idea to spark family conversation.

  5. What a great idea to make them yourselves. These will be great from preschool age all the way up to teen years. Fun to revisit questions and see how they change. Their responses are the kinds of things I would write to them in the journal I have for each child. Thanks for linking!