Thursday, April 16, 2009

Well The Other Babies Are Here

Willow gave birth to 6 healthy babies tonight. This was her first batch and she had a hard time, but not as hard as her mom had during her first time.

She has 2 brown and white ones and 4 calico!! I was very surprised when the first calico came, I was actually really excited. I love calico cats!!! Then I was happy when the next one came, it just got better and better!! 4 calicos, unbelievable!!! They are sooooo cute. I will have photos later.

Willow is being very protective of them. She is being a wonderful mom. I did not need to be worried, she is taking care of them gently and lovingly. She is a good mom. She has not left them for four hours.

She wasn't sure what was happening when she first went into labor. I stayed with her throughout all the births. I didn't help very much. She did a beautiful job.

Here is one photo I took with the light off. She is on the kitchen floor, easy cleanup. When we go to bed we will move them into the Powder room for the night. Then since the weather is warming up very nicely, they will go outside to their outside quarters.

Then mommy can come and go as she pleases. She can mouse when she wants and potty and all that without getting us to let her out.


If you missed the post about BeBe's new babies, click here. They came last Friday.


  1. Ooooh, that's so sweet. Kittens are so wonderful but I know what you mean, you can't keep them all and it's tough to find homes for them. My kitty is a calico and so was her sister. I like them too, but they are absolutely crazy! LOL

    Good for new mommma kitty for being so good to her babies.

    I hope to see frequent updates as the babies grow!