Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday, April 10th - A Birthday and A Wedding!

Well the wedding was awesome!! My niece is now a married woman!  The day went well and we are all glad it is over.

Here to my left is my niece just after the ceremony, looking beautiful in her gorgeous wedding gown.  And to the right, she is with my new nephew, they both look great and happy in their wedding reception attire.

We started the day early, we met the happy couple at the Salt Lake Temple where they chose to get married.  It was a beautiful time being there with them for this happy occasion.  After the marriage was performed, we went outside the Temple and a photographer took their wedding photos.

Then at noon we met at the Church building for the Wedding Breakfast.  (Or luncheon as it was noon.)  We were treated to soup in bread bowls, salad and a tasty eclair for dessert.  We were full!

Then my little family was off to Build-a-Bear for Pilots Birthday.  He thought it would be a fun place to go- he want to make a Pilot Bear.  And he did.  Then we went to La Frontera for Birthday Dinner and packed most of it up in take home boxes because we were still so full from lunch.  That's OK cuz we ate it for lunch, snack today and can eat the rest on Monday for lunch.  (That is unless I finish my favorite Chile Verde Smothered Burritos with cheese before then!)

Then we headed back to the Church for the Wedding Reception.  It was a wonderful evening of visiting with family and friends.  Getting to know my new nephews parents and family.  He comes from a wonderful family and we are lucky that my niece chose a good man.  The whole day was fun, busy, but fun.  Pilot seemed happy, and my niece was happy.  I am happy, but sure am glad today is here.

On the left is my baby brother, the father of the bride- the bride made the hat for him.  He thinks it is dorky.  But we thought it was fun for the occasion, he did not wear it throughout the reception, just for a couple of photos.

 To the right, my youngest nephew, the bride's baby brother, shows me his purple tuxedo vest.  He looked really smart in it.  I didn't get a photo of her other brother, but he looked extremely handsome too.

I didn't take many photos that evening, because they again had their professional photographer there and there were thousands (do I ever exaggerate?)  of others trying to get the same photo as the photographer.  Which I would never do, because that is unprofessional.  But later I forget to take photos because I was visiting with so many people. 

All in all it was a wonderful long day.  I fell asleep very fast and slept all through the night!  I'm betting the very tired newlywed couple did the same!!!  lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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