Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Life is Full of Surprises

So Friday night about 9:00pm, I decided to decide to go to Albuquerque, NM. You see Hubby was taking a football team down for a game and he was supposed to be gone 4 days and 3 nights. I was not ready to stay at home, with the kids by myself. It had been a tough week. So I started to think and decided we would go with him.

We would have to drive behind him, because that is the way it is. No problem. We might be able to go with him on the bus sometime, but we have to wait for permission for that. So we can drive, and I thought, no problem. So I first passed it by Hubby, then my Mom and then the kids. Hubby loved the idea.

My mom reminded me that she took advantage of each time my dad had a last minute trip where he could take her and the kids. If we were delivering a Rite-Way, we always follow behind in the car so that we could bring Dad home.

So Pilot said, yes with no hesitation. Angel was a drama queen and did not want to miss any school. But she later changed her mind and thought it could be fun. She still did not want to miss any school, but relented. She was glad when we can home a day early and she only missed two days instead of three. How weird is she? It is a good weird, though. I am proud of her.

I was in favor of it. It would give me a much needed break and maybe reduce the mostly self induced stress I was suffering from. So Saturday night, we left the house just after 7pm and headed for Price, Utah for the night. Hubby was to get sleep and take over driving the bus at 7am in the morning. The boosting driver was to take the company car back to the shop and Hubby went the rest of the way to Albuquerque.

When we got to the mouth of Spanish Fork Canyon, it was stormy. Sleet and snow. I hate that canyon in the clear blue weather in daylight, so now that it was dark, wet and stormy- I was really hating it. US-6 is one of the most dangerous roads in the state! So we cautiously headed up the canyon. Thank heavens there was not a lot of traffic on the road. However, the wetness caused one to loose the road markings and wonder if they were where they needed to be. Then the snow started to stick and blast it all, I couldn't see the lines on the road! It was awful. I was going quite slow. And to top it all, there is a lot of road construction going on in the canyon to make it much better. But all was well, we were being careful and extremely cautious. We had prayed for protection and were doing all we could do to get to Price safely.

So all went fine until we got to the end of the construction, close to Helper. I was watching the road and not the cars in front. Apparently a big rig did a bit of fish tailing and the little white company car (Hubby and Angel) in front of us (us being Pilot and myself) swerved to miss the 'whatever it was- pothole possibly'. I hit that drop and we were out of control. Good thing there was not opposing traffic, that would have been really really bad.

But after what I thought was hitting a huge drop, maybe then driving onto the shoulder and turning the wheel to get us back on the road and sliding weirdly, we finally righted the car and was again headed down the road like nothing had happened. We did bounce a bit and I felt my body tense up, never saw my life flash or was even really concerned that we would possibly crash. I knew I had to get the car back into my control and get back on our way. I did accomplish that, but I am sure it was not really me, but my Guardian Angel putting us back on track.

My skills were coupled with the Divine and we were safely on our way again. We were totally protected and offered up our Thanks to our Heavenly Father for protecting us during this unexpected event.

After that, but also knowing that the roads ahead would not be anything like what we had experienced that night, I still decided not to drive all the way to Albuquerque. I decided to stay and wait in Moab for Hubby to return on Tuesday. He was supposed to give the bus to the relief driver in Moab and then take the company car back to Salt Lake, after a sleep rest. Didn't happen like the original plan, as usual. But he did get dropped off to us and we drove him back up to Salt Lake. (Longer story is there, but that is the gist of it.)

So the kids and I stayed in Moab Monday and enjoyed the scenery and a lot of swimming in the wonderful pool the Hotel offered us. It was great. The Internet did not work after Sunday night. We were not the only ones not able to connect, but the hotel couldn't figure out the problem. So I decided to forgo the work I had planned for Monday and Wednesday. I took a not planned vacation from the Internet and although a bit frustrating when I wanted information, it was great to be liberated.

Then the next blow, my laptop's built in mouse quit working and so today Hubby took it to be repaired, under warranty. It should be done in 5 to 7 working days! Oh my goodness! That is way tooooooo long! That is Wednesday to Friday next week!!! Help!!! LOL !!!

Sooooooooooooo, Here I am on my old laptop that looses power whenever it wants to. I will be in the middle of something and blackout! It just drops power and is black, no warning or anything. Some broken solder is what I think the problem is. It could also be in the power cord, but I think it is a solder problem again. Been there, done that and should not be doing it again, but it is. That is why my dear Hubby decided to upgrade me. I could not give up 'old Dell Bessy' so she's here being my substitute platform for Internet connection. Thanks Bessy for sticking around and working for me today.

So we drove home yesterday and after about an hour, I went up to bed. I was very tired. I had to drive from Price to home, Hubby was tired after driving from Moab and through Arches National Park and then to Price. So we traded, but why did I not plan this better? You know I hate driving Spanish Fork Canyon and by the time we got to that canyon, it was my turn to drive. Yuck, but we made it just fine. Nothing happened, it was smooth sailing. In fact it did not even look like the same canyon we had come up just a couple of nights before.

Well that is what has been going on for the last few days. I will try to get some good posts up soon. But I have a Birthday to plan for Pilot and a wedding to attend for my Dear Niece KaaKaa, both on Friday. So I may be busy for the next few days.

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