Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Brothers

While we were on the Temple grounds on Friday morning, I took a couple of photos. I realized that all my blood brothers were there so here are two photos of my three brothers and my dad.

I had to put two photos in because one of them had rabbit ears! The two younger boys are always joking around and #2 got caught. #3 was either just raising or lowering his arms when I snapped the next photo. But it was good enough to show all 3 brothers with my dad.

The next photo was of the two oldest boys and #2's youngest son.  Don't they all look handsome?  From left to right is #2 brother, my dad, #1 brother and #2's #2 son.

Here is a photo showing some of the people who came to the Temple for my niece's wedding.  Not everyone was able to attend the actual ceremony, but everyone could participate in the taking of the photos. 

Here is a photo of my #3 brother with his daughter, the bride.  He is happy for her but still he is sad to see his little baby girl grow up.

Thanks heavens for the saying, "A daughters a daughter all her life, but a son's only a son until he takes a wife."  It makes it easier for Dad's to let their daughters grow up!  heee heee........

This tree on Temple Square is one of the old wonderful trees that have a seat-like branch.  I love this tree.  It has a metal bar that is supporting one of the branches so that it does not break.  There was a 'sweetheart' tree that my Hubby calls the 'Kissing Tree' that was lost in the Tornado of 1999.

It was a beautiful tree.  We had pictures taken with that tree when we were married in 1993.

It is sad the tree was lost.  But this one is beautiful too and it is still there.


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