Thursday, April 9, 2009

Food on Fridays April 10th - Easter Cake 2008 & Hopefully a New One for 2009


My Grandmother used to make Bunny Cakes for us at Easter time. My mother started to make them when the grandkids were little. We always new it was Easter when the cake would arrive!! We loved it, but I know it was a lot of work. My grandma had just two children and so it wasn't too bad for her to make the cakes.

But my mom has 6 kids to make them for! Six cakes is a lot of work, especially when dying the coconut green for the grass, shaping the cake into rounds and frosting them just so, adding the ears and face..... it became hard and almost too much for my mom/parents to do. So they came up with a solution............

Since we all LOVE, LOVE, LOVE her chocolate cake with fudge frosting, she decided to make us each a cake that we loved and start a new tradition that is unique to them.

So the pictured cake is the Famous Chocolate cake with fudge frosting that we all fight over, with her DELICIOUS sugar cookies decorating it. I (we were) was thrilled at the NEW and IMPROVED Easter Cake!!! I could taste it before I got it to my mouth!!!

Thanks to my wonderful mother and father for making Easter a tasty time in my youth and adult years.

I am not sure what this year is bringing, but I hope the tradition will continue. Their grand daughter/ my niece is getting married today, Friday and so my mom has been working on something very special for her with a lot of embroidery on it. So we might have to wait for our cakes this year. But that will be OK, because we just love the idea of her wanting to do this for us.

If you want to make your own Easter Cake like this one, you need one round layer that you slice in half to get two rounds.
Then you put frosting- we usually do a ganache icing layer between the rounds and then pour your fudge over the top and smooth it around.

Then you take your sugar cookies that you have already decorated and place them around the cake's edge on the plate. You can put a short piece of a cut bamboo skewer into a few of the cookies and stand them up on your cake! Easy-Peasy......

~~ Delicious, Fun and Looks Pretty Enough to Eat ~~
(but then anything chocolate looks pretty enough to eat to me!)

You could make anything you want for your tradition, but the idea is to make something that will be enjoyed and appreciated! We are all different so I say anything goes that works for you and yours.

Have Fun!! Happy Easter!!!!

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  1. Easter cake--how sweet (pun intended)!

    I love traditions like that. I like the bunny cake tradition, and I like how you've modified it, carrying on the cake but simplified to accommodate a bigger extended family. That's a beautiful thing that everyone can enjoy, including the cake-maker!

  2. We never had a cake - my mother hardly ever made birthday cakes LOL But we had other traditions. It's great to take a tradition and make it do-able and tasty!

  3. Cute cake, I made a bunny cake once...different layout though...

    what are your crochet markers at your etsy shop used for...haha, I don't knit...does it show?