Monday, August 23, 2010

Picture Necklaces= A How To Showing How I Put Them Together Efficiently

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My Make-Do for this week:

I wanted to make some "picture necklaces" for my 18month to 3 year old Nursery children who attend my Ward- Church.   

So I had the resource page copied and then my kids and I cut them out and hole punched them.  We made 30 of them. It was taking quite a long time to collate them and line up the holes.  
So I had to figure out a better way.

I had my Nursery binder open, (because that is where I keep some of my supplies, like the scissors, and some yarn as well as the lesson book and other resources), and I had a light-bulb moment.

The binder rings could be used to sort the cut-outs and line up the holes at the same time. I could sort 6 at a time and if I did one set of 6 and then sorted the next 6 upside down, I could get 12 on at the one time.  

So I did that a couple of times.  
It worked out beautifully!

Then while the circles were on the ring, 
I lined them up neatly.

I carefully took each set off the ring.

Then I laced the yarn through the punch hole.

Then pulled the yarn through and tied a knot.  Now the necklace was done.  
Then next thing was to put them orderly in the binder for safe journey to Sunday's classes.

So I slipped them into the binders pocket and where they could travel safely to class.

Done with 30 picture necklaces for my darling little kids attending church.

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