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Take Shape For Life: Day 1

Take Shape For Life: Day 1
August 23, 2010 - Monday

I made it through the day, but it was a very difficult struggle.  I miss my sugars, my salts and my fats!  Where did my cheese go?  My breads were gone too.  It was really hard. But I know that this phase will end after the adjustment period is accomplished.

I am pretty sure I will be done with the cravings and feeling hungry in 3 or so more days.  The program study materials say 3 to 5 days, I think.  And I know that I was completely satisfied and not hungry when I was on a full liquid diet years ago.

I decided that in order for me to make it through this most difficult day, I was going to have to take matters into my own hand.  So knowing that I was leaving a very high caloric diet and stopping all my vices and trying to get by on way more than half the calories I was used to.

Here is how I handled my first day needs for more food.  I chose not to follow the Medifast 5/1 recommendations for the first and second days.  So today I made a huge pot of soup.  Well it was about 6 cups worth.  I put in a package of coleslaw mix, 4 ounces of diced raw mushrooms, 2 celery stalks, a cup of diced zucchini, a medium green tomato finely diced, a small red tomato diced and a handful of chopped radish greens.
I sautéd the veggies in a sauce pan in their own juices.  When they were getting tender, I added 4 cups of water and chicken bouillon granules for the 4 cups of water.  Then I let it come to a boil and turned it down to simmer and blend the flavors.  I also cranked a couple of  cranks of Lemon, Pepper, salt seasoning into the soup.

I then ate as much as I needed for Day 1's lunch- which was the time I found myself the hungriest. I believe I had about 3 cups.  This did help curb my hunger pains.  But I realized that I was not exactly hungry, but just craving those foods I was choosing to avoid for the next couple of months.  I also had to grab a couple of dill pickle spears and some celery sticks throughout the day.  But I made it and still was way under 1000 kcal for the day.   OK, I was at 850 kcal for today.  Which is where I will be on most days anyway.

So the plan is to finish the soup tomorrow and make it through day 2.

Overall:   Day was a good day.  Successful in that I did not eat excess carbs, sugars and fats.  Success!


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