Saturday, August 28, 2010

Take Shape For Life: Day 4

Take Shape For Life: Day 4
August 26, 2010 - Thursday

Lean and Green
OK so do you want to know what I had for dinner?  

I baked some chicken breasts and then cubed them, weighed them and put them on top of 2 cups of lettuce salad.  Then I added a Tb spoon of chopped tomato and a bit of sliced radishes.  I also put a few, several drops of green taco seasoning as my dressing and the rest of my Parmesan cheese puffs, leftover from afternoon snack. (croĆ»ton)  Not that I like croutons, but I thought I would try it that way.  It was way wonderful eats and very filling!
Ryans meat was sliced and he drizzled BBQ sauce on them and he had a salad too.  He could only eat half of his plate.

Michael ate his meat sliced, with the salad on the side.

Rachael has yet to eat.  Not sure why she doesn't want to eat yet.  

Now I have a little meat juice, chicken broth to use tomorrow- maybe I will add it to my chicken noodle soup instead of all water............... just thinking.............  Well, Hubby thought he would put the juice out for the cat. That way the pan would be empty and he could wash it.  So I have no broth for tomorrow.  I can stop thinking now.

I have not been as hungry today.  YES!  In fact I was pretty, am pretty full after eating dinner.  Good day overall.

I have been eating my Brownie snack for the last hour.  There are still two bites left.  It is good.  I am just content and not feeling hungry, in fact I still am full from dinner.  But the diet plan says to have an evening snack so I chose to have a brownie.  

I am supposed to be eating my snack at the table and focusing on it 100%, but old habits die slowly.  And I really wanted to get a few things done on the computer, so here I am typing, figuring, logging my daily foods and blogging as I eat my brownie.  

But bottom line is: I AM NOT HUNGRY!!!  I love it!!!!

Overall:  Great day.  Successful.  Awesome.  Not Hungry!!!!  Oh and I have lost 4 pounds since Sunday.  8 pounds in the last week.  So I am doing just great.  I had energy enough for the day and was able to take the garbage out to the neighbors and back without a problem.  (Garbage truck drove by our house and I realized he didn't stop.  I looked and our can was not out to the curb, so I had to take it across and down the street.  But thankfully I was able to do that.)


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