Saturday, August 28, 2010

Taking Control of My Life and Addressing My Health

What's Next in my Life?

So I have finished school and now am in the process of finding work in my field.  I just have to get my license from the State. Should be here next week.

Take Shape For Life - Life in MotionNow it is time to focus on my health- or lack of good health.  I have been eying the Take Shape For Life Program using the Medifast 5/1 Diet plan for several months now, and feel like it is the plan for me.  I did the original Medifast back over 20 years ago under a doctors care and did very well.  So I know that the meal replacements they offer are doable. In fact, they are really pretty great and today there are so many more items in their plan, it is awesome.  I also know that my health and weight loss were good at that time.  

I also know that I have since gained that weight back and it is because I did not make any lifestyle and behavioral changes.  I learned a lot about myself going to school this past year.  I have a lot more confidence in my abilities to make changes and be successful, so I am embarking on another life changing journey.

I have the opportunity to do the Take Shape For Life Program, an opportunity I can not pass up.  With the support of my Coach, I am heading into a somewhat familiar food regimen, and totally committed to learning how to eat correctly so that as this weight drops off, I will be encouraged to continue losing weight and making myself healthy.  I am committed to changing my food beliefs and learning how to prepare meals that are healthy and wholesome for myself and my whole family, as well as friends and new friends.  I have already been studying and reading new information concerning foods, health, fitness, eating behaviors and much much more.  

I have many years of knowledge, some of which is being disputed in new studies and some that are being changed due to new technologies and information.  But my basic knowledge is still available and helpful.  The one thing that I really understand from experience after experience is that when I am at a healthier weight I feel better overall and can move and be active along the side of my loved ones, especially my husband and my children.  So that is where my focus at this time is taking me- I am off to conquer optimal health!!!

Come along with me on this journey.  Let me be your TSFL Coach and I will guide you to your optimum healthy weight target as well.  You pay nothing to have me as your Coach, all you will need to purchase are your meal replacements and the foods for your Green and Lean Meal.

It is time for ME to make a change,  
is it time for YOU?


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