Saturday, August 28, 2010

Take Shape For Life: Day 3

Take Shape For Life: Day 3
August 25, 2010 - Wednesday

Wednesday and Day 3.  What a great day!  It has been so much easier today.  I have not needed hardly any extra helps today.  I finished my special soup yesterday so I was hoping I wouldn't need it today.  I did add a pickle spear as a snack today, but didn't need anything else.

I felt liberated!  I was not craving sugar, salt or fats!  Maybe the transition phase for me has come and gone?  I hope so.  For the lean portion of the Lean and Green tonight, I made turkey burgers.  I defrosted the turkey burger and added one egg white and half a can of mushrooms, that I whirred in the Magic Bullet before adding it to the meat.  Then I had my hubby crank some salt and pepper into the meat mixture.

I grabbed a handful of meat and plopped it into the frying pan that was sprayed with Canola Oil Pam.  I let them firm up and then flipped them to cook on the other side.  Then back to the first side to complete cooking.

We had green beans and salad for the Green.

I put a tsp of mustard and ketchup on my burger that only weighed 3 ounces.  Pilot and Hubby got about 6 ounces each.  I got the leftovers.  Angel wasn't hungry so she made a sandwich later when she was ready to eat.  Since my Lean was so lean, or small; I made 2 eggs cooked in the crumbs from the cooked turkey burgers.  It was like having bacon bits, in texture that is.  I loved the little crunchy bits.  I don't like bacon bits, but I like turkey bits.

Overall: Day 3 was very successful. I feel wonderful.  It was a very wonderful day.  I feel successful and empowered!  Onward.......................


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