Saturday, July 31, 2010

Scones for Breakfast

(More food from TERT Trip July 2010)

Scones were fun to make this trip.  I made them twice and the kids loved them both times.  Too bad I only made them once for Hubby and myself.  Because we love them too.  But the second time we had eggs and fried potatoes.  Yum!

I made some Artisan Bread Dough just before we left for camping on July 1st.  I did some research and learned about this method of making dough and keeping it for a week or so and pinching off what you need for the day.  I tried it during this latest trip and I loved it.  It was fun to use, easy to make and we had fun experimenting with it.

Even though this pan looks large, it is only about 5 inches across.  I have two pans this size but they are slightly different, and they are from different manufacturers.   

This is the second pan.  Now I am hungry for scones!  I need to get these posts done and away from my fire food memories.  

Here is a plate of freshly fried scones.  They have butter on them.  They are waiting for some powdered sugar, jelly, honey or syrup.

Here is a powdered sugar with maple syrup scone.  This would be Pilots.  See- Pilot is stuffing his face full of fresh scones.

Here is Angel with hers.  She is a powdered sugar with honey gal.

Here is the stove with the two small pans with a scone in each one.  The $1.00 hot water pot from the second hand store.  And my tall sided skillet with fried potatoes in it.  

I should mention that each of the small cast iron frying pans were $1.00 each and the bigger skillet was $2.00.  The larger skillet is a Lodge cast iron pan.  A very reputable cast iron maker.  The crock for the bread dough- $1.50 including the lid! 

I feel blessed to have found so many nice and usable items at the DI thrift store.  Saves money and let's us have some things we would never choose to spend our money on at full price.
I am soooooo very 
hungry right 

Wait!! Where did they all go?


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