Friday, July 30, 2010


(More food from TERT Trip July 2010)

Fire baked pizza! so very delish, except for the ketchup sauce.  I was not going to open a jar of pizza sauce for one small pizza.  But again, food over a fire is almost always delicious.  I loved it.  

The kids were still full from breakfast to eat very much, but they both said they liked it.  They had only had breakfast a couple of hours before.  I split the rest of the Artisan bread dough and used half to make scones for the kids' breakfast. And the rest I put aside for the pizza experiment. 

Hubby really loved it too.  But then we were hungry.  Hubby and I ate breakfast several hours earlier and we  were getting hungry.  

I started the pizza, got the Artisan dough ready.  The bread dough was now 5 days old and I was wondering if it would still be good.  YES! It was wonderful.  

I put the ketchup on and a good sprinkling of Italian Seasoning. Then I turned the pizza making over to Hubby.  I had sliced olives, sliced mushrooms, small Canadian bacon slices and cheese (Mexican blend) for him to build the pizza with. 
We put the dough circle on a piece of non-stick aluminum foil so I could put it on the grate.  I didn't have my pizza peel or I might have tried putting it directly on the grate- there would have been some nice grill marks.  

Then I covered the pizza with our large stainless steel bread bowl.  This became the 'oven' and the pizza baked beautifully.  Bubbly cheese and nicely baked crust.  I was in Heaven.  I need a pizza now..............


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