Thursday, July 29, 2010

Giant Campfire Roasting Marshmallows

(From our July 1 to 6, 2010 TERT Weekend)

Playing with fire! No not really, in the fire...... well in the fire with food ...... not playing with fire in the dangerous sense.

Here is what I wanted to share about roasting marshmallows.

Campfire Marshmallows has come out with a Giant Roasting Mallow.

On the left is the new Giant Mallow.  The middle with tan is the Vanilla Caramel Mallow, then to the right is a regular sized mallow. In the front is a mini-mallow.  Don't you love the different sizes?

Here is our selection of marshmallows that can be found waiting for our next trip up into camping land.

We roasted the new huge marshmallow as well.  But let me tell you, I can only eat one!  And that is after it has roasted 3 times, as the shell comes off and then you roast the inside and this shell comes off and finally it is small enough to roast and come off leaving no shell!  

We all had fun with this one, here is Pilot trying to eat a newly roasted mallow.

  Oh, we also tried the vanilla/caramel regular size marshmallows.  I really loved these ones.  They are not as sugary for me, they didn't upset my stomach system like regular marshmallow do.

  I don't know why, but I wasn't going to research it, I was taking it as a gift.  I had fun roasting and eating them too, along with the kids.  Not something I normally do anymore.  But still I only had a couple.  I kept my eating in check and didn't gain anything while we were gone.  Well done, well done.


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  1. Oooh, I wish I'd seen those giant ones when Martijn and I went camping! I love roasting it and pulling off the roasted part and roasting it again *L*