Saturday, July 10, 2010


We spend at least 2 weekends a summer volunteering for TERT.  

Timpanogos Emergency Response Team.  
(We hope to do 4 weekends this year, like we did last year.)    
Hubby helps monitor the trailhead, usually the Aspen Grove side.  Sometimes we do the Timpooneke side, but we all prefer the Aspen Grove side. He is an EMT and Ham radio operator.  

We have a beautiful camping spot- #7 that is reserved for members of the TERT team every weekend.  We love spot #7, it is full of pine trees, a picnic table, a nice fire ring, huge boulders and a large tent area.  We have room to park our trailer and vehicle.  We also have easy access to the drinking water supply- it is in our spot.  (It tastes really wonderful and is very very cold.)  It does supply several other spots as well.  We also have the flushing toilet bathrooms, one camp site down from us.  So 'nice, wonderful, pleasant' are good description words of our site.  

Everyone in TERT is grateful to have this site, we helped get us moved from #1 to #7 last year and we are all happy.  Site 1 was not big enough for our trailer and car too.  

So we talked to the Forest Service and they decided it was time for us to move.  Most of the team members in the past did not have trailers or bring their families up, and site #1 is very small however it did serve the volunteers well.  

But so many more team members are bringing their families and trailers and need a bigger area, like us, we needed more area.  I liked site #1 also, in fact I am sure I would like any site near Aspen Grove.  Site #1 worked for us and our tent trailer, but the travel trailer works so much nicer in site #7.  

Coming soon:

  • Campburgers
  • Artisan Bread for Camping
  • Campfires
  • and More


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