Monday, July 19, 2010


Amateur Radio Operators are numerous. The radio to the right is a monster, it is a stock photo.  It looks nothing like what Hubby has.

This is the unit hubby uses.  We can move it from car to house to trailer to .... 

Hubby has been an operator for many years now.  We feel that in the case of an emergency, communications should be able to be uninterrupted via the Ham Radio Waves.  We want to be able to contact family members and let them know we are fine.  

We also want to be able to be of service to our neighbors, friends, community and church. By providing communication for them between friends and family and emergency services.

Some of my family members are getting their licences, my parents, one of my brothers and some of his family.  One of my sisters is thinking about it.  I am sure that her husband will do it too if she does it.  

If I had known how easy the test was I would have done it years ago.  Easy is relative to Study, don't get me wrong please.  You have to know your stuff, just like in anything else, but if you apply yourself and study well, the test is easy.  

So I started studying as soon as I passed my Pharm Tech National Test.  I studied really hard for a couple of weeks and then set the stuff aside.  

The next time I could take the test was June 29th, and I really knew my stuff.  I got busy with my Extern-ship and didn't review or study, I kind of forgot that the test was coming.  

So the test being on Tuesday, I remembered that I needed to review what I had studied.  Now it was the Friday before so I started to review the 390 questions.  

Time got away from me and I only got about a third through the review.  Then it was suddenly test night.  I went.  It was the last time I could take this test, based on the questions I had studied.  The new question pool was starting on July 1, 2010.  

So I had no choice but to try. I was fairly confident because I had taken 2 random 35 question computer generated practice tests and only missed one from each try.

I went to the testing center, signed in, did the paperwork, paid my $14.00 and took the test.  I PASSED!!  I missed 5 questions, you were allowed to miss 10 and still pass.  So I did fine, but I could have aced it had I reviewed more.  

Now I am on a schedule for studying so that I can take the General class test, probably in August.  

I received my name in the DataBase last Tuesday.  I am KF7LHD- Amateur Technician License.  COOL....


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