Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hammocks make Camping Fun

It's a nice July day in the mountains of Utah, (Actual dates: July 1 to 6, 2010)  up at the Aspen Grove Trail head to the summit of Timpanogos.  This year the weather was more like June in temperature, not moisture though, thank Heavens.  
It was was, just barely above the sweatshirt needed mark, however with the breeze you sometimes wanted that sweatshirt on.  Very little rain, in fact no rain just a few drops in the middle of the night.  Nothing to impede fire building and campfire cooking.  
Yes, it was lazy day time and so my kids made the best use of the lazy time.  They found hammocks for $7.99 ea and bought two, one for each.  They tied them carefully up to some pine trees so that they would do no damage to the beautiful trees. 

And then they could laze around whenever they wanted.  It was nice for them.


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