Thursday, July 22, 2010

CampBrownies in a Dutch Oven

(From our July 1-6, 2010 TERT Trip to Aspen Grove Trailhead.)  

Have you ever been camping and needed a chocolatey snack?  Well I have and I did.

I mentioned it to the kids and the next thing I know, Pilot had gone into the trailer and mixed up a batch of brownie dough.  He brought it out and Angel finished mixing it and put it in a small square casserole lined with non-stick foil.
Then we placed it into a preheated dutch oven.  Then the wait began.  We\hen it started to smell delicious, we checked it and found it was not ready yet.  So we let it go another 15 mins and checked it again.  Angel stuck a knife in the center and it came out clean so we took them out.  

OH MY GOSH!  these were the best brownies I had ever had!!  I know I could have felt this way because I was really craving them, we were camping and thus whatever they turned out like I would have eaten them and I just really needed chocolate and had not brought any real chocolate up to snack on.

It really doesn't matter the reasons, but I do know they were excellent.  

Everyone in our camp loved them.  They were thick, soft, chewy, chocolatey, not gooey, but pure perfection.  I do hope we can duplicate them another time.  I can't wait to try them again.  


  • I have to tell you that I hate my phones camera.  For some reason, it is a pain to use and it does not have a close up feature.  So since I forgot my old phone I have very few photos.  After we got home, I have made it a goal to have my centro phone in my bag, ready and charged at all times.  Has been working so far.


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