Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Playing with Food over the CampFire

(From our July 1 to 6, 2010 TERT Weekend)

So we were kind of bored at one time while camping.  So we built up a fire and began playing in it! No not just playing with the fire, playing with cooking over the fire.  We took bacon and wrapped it on the roasting sticks.  It cooked up really crispy and was very tasty.

We wrapped hotdogs on the roasting sticks with bread dough and made pigs-in-blankets.  This was fun and very tasty too.  

Too bad the camera was on vacation.  But believe me we had tons of fun.  

Here are photos of other things we cooked:

Here are pearl onions, sliced onions, mushrooms sautéing in a skillet over the fire/coals.  
We ate some of it and then froze the rest in the trailers freezer for later use at home.

Looks really good, right?

Here is some corn I cut from two cobs to roast, bake over the coals.  I hate getting corn in my teeth when I eat it from the cob.
Here are two cobs wrapped in foil.  They cooked in the coals and are ready to be eaten.

Doesn't this cob look nice?  I buttered and salted it before I tossed them in the fire to bake/roast.  All one had to do to eat a cob was open the foil and cool a tad, pick it up and eat!

Yum, yum was the reaction I got. 

Campfire cooking is really easy and fun.


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