Sunday, July 11, 2010

Make-Do Monday : July 12 - New Notebook Cover

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 Remember this notebook Make-Do?  It worked for a long time and then the duct tape started to get ratty and sticky.

Well.... It was getting too yucky for even a photo!  So I decided to make a quick no-sew make-do cover. 

Using the hot glue gun was fun, it had been a while since I had used it. But I did not have my favorite gun, my favorite is a low temp melter, one I used to make this cover was a regular high temp melter.  My fingers got hot, too hot once too many times during this project.  In fact one of my puppies/fingers got a nice white blister.  So after putting my Vitamin E oil on it, the burn is just fine.

So................  Here is what I came up with: 

I covered my notebook with old levi material.  Rugged, durable, soft and jeannie.  This is certainly not perfect, but for a few minutes of my time and hot fingers it made my sticky fronted notebook not sticky and the best part is the pockets, both front and back.  No more loosing pens!!!!

 Here are the two pieces of back pockets from a pair of Hubby's old jeans.  I cut them about an inch larger than the cover on my notebook.  

Then I folded the edge under and hot glued it. (The edge that will be next to the binding.)

Then I glued the pocket to the book cover along the folded under portion and then around the other 3 edges.

Then I folded each side over the cover to the backside and glued them down.  Taking care to make the corners as nice as I could, but still doing a quick job.  You can see that it is not perfect, but it is done.  

If I ever get to the point to finish it, I will put a nicely hemmed square over the rough edges on the inside cover.  But I don't really think I will ever get to that point.

Now I have a pocket to keep my pen safe and sound and always available in my notebook.  I can also put my cell phone, I-Pod, papers, shopping lists, etc in them to keep them close.  This really works for me!


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