Thursday, June 18, 2009

Make-Do Sandwich Pouch

Handy Sandwich Pouch Make-Do

So while we were camping, I made CTBC sandwiches. Chicken, Tomato, Bacon and Cheese that is. Is it always requested when we are camping or picnicking. So I took my pre-cooked and drained bacon from the crock pot and diced it small to resemble crumbled. I use the ends and pieces of bacon, so some of it is thick and you have to cut it into dices. I used about 1/2 cup.

Then I cubed 2 small pre-cooked chicken breasts, that were still frozen, not frozen solid though.

I diced up one small Roma tomato. Added about 2/3 cup shredded cheese. Used just enough Mayonaise to stick everything together.

Then I fished pieces of lettuce from our pre-mixed salad bag and put these pieces on bread slices that were lightly covered with mayo. Then I put a large spoonful of salad on top of the lettuce and covered this with the other bread slice.

The filling was wanting to fall out of my bread slices, so I took some Aluminum foil and made a holding pouch. I didn't have any plastic wrap or wax paper. This made it easier for everyone, including Hubby and myself to eat without the filling falling out.


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  1. Oh, most definitely this belongs in both categories--Food on Fridays AND Make-Do Mondays! Great eats and a great problem solved, as usual!

  2. I agree with Ann, a yummy and good making-do post!